Eztv Proxy –keep on doing their job

Let’s begin with the explanation of the phrase ‘proxy server’ because I think that is not a well-known collocation. So, the proxy server it’s an intermediate computer between a Web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) and the Internet. It has many advantages like the improving of the Web performance and the security level and it’s frequently used only by networks of organizations and companies. One of the best characteristics of this computer is that it sores one copy of the pages often accessed and flirts bad intentioned contents of the software.

EZTV it’s a TV torrent distribution non-profit group which is never asking for money of any kind from its users and never having advertisements to avoid ‘profiting from piracy’ litigation. EZTV could be reached through Eztv Proxy sites since its foundation, in May 2005. We also have to know that Eztv Proxy should never host its own torrent files or run its own tracker. The site was dissolved in April 2015, after a hostile takeover of their domains and brand by ‘EZCLOUD LIMITED’. So, Eztv Proxy site was retired with the topic of the IRC channel where EZTV was discussed saying: ’Do not use this sites! They are not ours anymore. Thanks for all the fish.’ After a break in which people was wondering if the site is really down because it hadn’t been working for more than a day, they received the good news: a new Eztv Proxy site is now available as eztv-proxy.net.

So, they keep on uploading and showing up there only good TV torrents and also keep on interacting with their users by answering at every question. In the end, we must agree that The Eztv Proxy site deserves all the good reviews.